What is osu!trackstats?

osu!trackstats is using Spotify's API to get their track analysis. Spotify is analyzing every submitted track. That way they gain information about the tempo of the song, the time signature and they even split it up into sections and much more.

All of that is information that could very much interest osu! mappers. Of course the data is not 100% accurate, but that's why a confidence-rating is usually provided.

I'm just displaying basic information on here. The API provides even more detailed information, which is as I see it more distracting and confusing than the bits I display. There is another website which provides a visual representation of pretty much all the information gathered by Spotify. Have a look!

How to use osu!trackstats?

You can simply copy the track urls into the input field or the ID by itself. The track urls can be found in the context menu of Spotify as shown on the picture. Both links do work.

Alternatively you can also just straight up enter the ID, if you happen to have it.
The ID looks something like this: 3b6EEtQ0KhOJ1pTpaWiCYR
It's also part of the URLs from the context menu.

For now you can't just enter the name of the song to find it, so the ID or a link is neccessary.


In case you stumble upon en error or an oversight, please feel free to contact me on osu! or in the forum thread.